Check out these suggested links:

Online resource for Christian Educators, Disciplemakers, and Church Leaders.
The college of the Presbyterian Church in America, located on Lookout Mountain, GA, overseeing Chattanooga, TN.
The seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America with great online resources.  The campus is  in St. Louis, MO.
A leader in the folk-hymn movement which takes the texts of rich hymns and places them in modern folk arrangements.
The web site of the teaching ministry of Dr. R. C. Sproul with online audio and video available.
Virtually an online seminary, this is a terrific web site with loads of great articles and resources.
The official web site of the denomination of which FPC is a member.
The musical arm of Red Mountain Church near Birmingham, AL which is involved in the hymn re-write movement.
An online "webzine" with great articles and a helpful blog.
An excellent reformed seminary with campuses in Jackson MS, Orlando, FL, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA.
"Know what you believe and why."  White Horse Inn is an excellent weekly broadcast of roundtable discussions of theological issues led by Michael Scott Horton.
The web site for a magazine that offers excellent news and cultural analysis from a Christian perspective.